Relive the best moments from MWC 19

MWC19 was huge this year!

During 4 days, our booth highlighted new solutions digitalizing the consumer journey and creating richer interactions between brands and their clients.

We made 2 announcements:

  • Voice commerce: we unveiled two prototypes build on vocal bots to create simple and ludic interactions between merchants and their customers, and technologies such as ultrasounds or dynamic one-time password for authentication. 
  • Tap on Phone: we demonstrated a Tap on Phone (ToP) proof of concept (PoC) – enabling secure NFC payments on consumer-off-the-shelf devices with a dedicated app. 

We also showcased several solutions removing payment-related friction whatever the channel and retail environment, and creating value for both retailers and consumers.

IBM Watson chatbot / Apple Pay and Google Pay VAS



Scan & Pay / Pin on Mobile



Post-purchase engagement / Axium



Thank you all for visiting us! See you next year!