BRICS stack up in e-commerce

Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, otherwise known as BRICS, are the leaders in e-commerce.

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Thoughts on connecting with Belgian consumers

by Anouk Arendt, Head of Sales Multi-Channel for the Benelux market.

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[White paper] Connected screens: usages, performance and adoption

Join the screen commerce revolution and download the white paper now.

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Latin America cashes in on cards

Cash has long been king in Latin America, but e-payments are quickly picking up speed as locals are lured in by the ease of digital shopping. 

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One-size-fits-all: How an ergonomic solution will transform retail

A revolutionary idea evolved into a partnership to create a universal mounting solution, co-designed by Ingenico and Ergonomics Solutions, which makes swapping and upgrading technology a breeze.

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Already 6.7 million micro-donations done with L'ARRONDI on POS

Download the infographic on L'Arrondi's revolution on POS

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Are you ready for the interactive shopping revolution?

Discover how the combination of the robot Pepper and Ingenico solutions offers customers a seamless experience throughout the entire purchasing journey. 

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3/4 consumers want to shop through their TV

76% of Americans are interested in buying products directly from television commercials and programs.

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Smartphones overtake shopping malls

US eCommerce is poised to account for 10% of total US retail sales in the fourth quarter of 2017 as mobile phone-based shopping surges in popularity.

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