The New World of Commerce: Adapting to Changing Customer Behavior

by Gabriel de Montessus, SVP, Global Online (Retail Business Unit) of Ingenico Group.

  • Tech trends

How did user research contribute to the creation of Ingenico new “Voice Commerce” concept?

An interview with Taline Karanfilian, Head of UX at Ingenico Labs, by Axance, partner for ideation, conception and UX research.

  • Tech trends

Being local is key to growing Cross-Border

by Ray Bak, Director of Sales for UK, Netherlands and Belgium, Ingenico Retail SMB.

  • Customer Experience

A Learning Week for our 8,000 Employees

A free access to LinkediN Learning to support their continuous development.

  • Tech trends

How to process international travel & hospitality payments effectively

Whether a merchant is an airline, travel agent or hotel, international payments make up a growing proportion of revenues for most operators. 

  • Security & Fraud

The true cost of fraud for online retailers

As consumer behaviors and patterns change, so do the challenges of managing fraud and securing transactions.

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