Omni-channel puts payment everywhere, all the time

Seven benefits of an omni-channel payment solution.

  • Customer Experience

[Infographic] How & when consumers are shopping online

Discover consumers' online shopping habits and behavior.

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9 signs your payment checkout is not yet at the level it should be

Discover 9 common and easily identifiable signs that you can increase your conversion during payment checkout.

  • Customer Experience

How integrating payment into connected objects will transform commerce

The ‘Internet of Things’ is here, and will change the way we buy – and sell – forever. Sensors embedded in physical objects linked to the cloud will revolutionize the way merchants sell and consumers buy!

  • Tech trends

Connected screens will start a digital signage revolution

Connected screens are set to revolutionize digital signage making it easier for consumers to pay for physical and virtual goods.

  • Tech trends

Alibaba eyeballs biometric recognition for mobile payments

Chinese retailer Alibaba wants to look you straight in the eye.

  • Security & Fraud

Android Pay and Apple Pay users will spend $8 billion online by 2018

In-app and browser-based online payments are set to be the next big area of growth for Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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Apple Pay and Android Pay launch in Japan

Rival mobile wallets Android Pay and Apple Pay are set to fight it out in Japan.

  • Tech trends

MasterCard and PayPal team up on online wallets

PayPal and MasterCard have signed a deal that will make MasterCard a payment option within PayPal. The partnership will also see PayPal being used more at POS terminals.

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Google and Zalando team up to create fashion for customers

In the future, customers won’t just be buying clothes - they will have artificial intelligence help them along the way.

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