Chatbots to dominate e-commerce’s future

Chatbots, computer algorithms that can be used by retailers to chat to customers via text or voice, are surging ahead in popularity as retailers recognize their potential in the e-commerce marketplace.

It is the development of artificial intelligence that is really bringing the technology to the fore as machine learning means that not only do some chatbots understand language but can also learn from their conversations, improving their responses.

Chatbots can:

  •     Provide personalised assistance
  •     Enhance customer service
  •     Provide product recommendations
  •     Process orders
  •     Share brand or product updates
  •     Provide in-store assistance and navigation
  •     Offer promotionsbased on location
  •     Automate processes
  •     Enable discovery
  •     Support storytelling

Chatbots can be built into a retailer’s website or app and even open messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. According to Insider Trends, the latter could hold the greatest value for retailers as customers already use these apps and retailers can tap into this audience, allowing them to shop, get recommendations and pay.

Ingenico has recently launched a solution to provide merchants with payment-enabled messaging bots that interact with customers through popular messaging apps.

Discover Ingenico payment-enabled chatbot