One ring to pay them all

You could soon be paying for goods and services with the wave of a finger, thanks to a new ring payment device developed by start-up Icare Technologies, part of the FrenchTech Network.

The Icare Technologies ring has been developed with the idea of putting all your keys and means of payment onto one ring device. The ring recognizes its wearer and is able to start a car, unlock the front door of your house as well as pay for goods. Designed to be carried at all times, the ring needs no power source and is totally waterproof.

Icare Technologies has been working alongside Ingenico to bring the product to fruition, and it is expected to go on sale in the autumn.

Stéphane Joseph, from Ingenico Group’s Partnerships & Developers Relations division said that the Icare application will ‘contribute to bringing more value to our merchants, by providing an innovative payment experience for consumers’.