Mexico and Brazil account for over half of Latin America’s e-commerce sales

Mexico and Brazil are Latin America’s two largest e-commerce markets as homegrown online retailer MercadoLibre outshines global giant Amazon, according to a new report.

  • Tech trends
October 11, 2018

The technologies transforming fashion

Tech-savvy fashion houses are embracing the latest innovations to improve customers’ cyber-shopping experiences.

  • Tech trends
October 10, 2018

Why Android is the future of POS

The next generation of Android POS are revolutionizing commerce. As smart as your smartphone, the flexible platform holds great potential for merchants and developers alike.

  • Tech trends
October 10, 2018

Can Geospatial Analytics bring online and in-store shopping together?

By using local market intelligence and shop-specific purchase data, retailers can enhance e-commerce personalization and bolster both online and in-store sales.

Cashless ramps up in Russia

In 2008, card payments accounted for just 4% of purchases. This share had grown to 39% in 2017 and is now approaching 50% this year.

  • Customer Experience
September 28, 2018

Let’s play: How to win big in the gaming industry

Here’s how to optimize microtransactions, multi-currencies and recurring payments in the gaming industry.