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Merchants are losing time to embrace IoT, personalization and gig payments

by Miche l Léger, EVP Innovation / Ingenico Group.

Highlights from MWC18

Relive the best moments from Mobile World Congress 2018.

1-in-4 Europeans want to pay via wearable devices

Over 175 million Europeans believe they’ll start using contactless payments via a smart watch, bracelet, cheering or other wearable device, research by Mastercard has found. 

  • Customer Experience
February 27, 2018

Retailers must use web and mobile to enhance customer journey

With the boom of e-commerce, combined with the relatively low cost of setting up an online store, bricks-and-mortar stores need to adopt many of their rival e-retailers’ most successful web and mobile strategies to expand their cyber marketplace.

  • Customer Experience
  • Tech trends
February 27, 2018