Remoter than you think

In the dim and distant past, to change the channel on the TV, people used to have to get up off their seat, walk to the television, and press the button on the box. Then came the revolution, the remote control!

Some may say this revolution eclipses other more pivotal innovations, like the discovery of penicillin or putting a man on the Moon. A little tongue in cheek perhaps, but the introduction of the remote control has had a profound impact on our relationship with televisions and other electronic devices. It has increased our appetite to find other ways to save effort and enjoy more time sitting on our sofas.

So, in the light of all things remote, how does this apply to the payments industry? We still go to stores, reach for a wallet or a phone when we want to pay, and input our PIN on a terminal to make things happen. Does this mean that the remote revolution has bypassed payment terminals and the payment industry? Not so! Dig a little deeper and you can quickly see how far payment solutions and services have come and how much can be achieved remotely.

Meet mark...

Mark is a merchant who has never taken card payments, but his business has grown to a point where his customers are asking to pay by card, and if he doesn’t offer them this option, he’s going to lose business. He wants some personal advice, so he books a virtual appointment with his bank to speak to someone online over a video chat. This answers all his questions and Mark is ready to place his order for his new AXIUM Android payment terminal from Ingenico.

Getting started is quite simple and something he can do online. With a few clicks, Mark’s shiny new terminal is on route and should be with him in a couple of days. He tracks its journey as it works its way towards him and once delivered, takes it out of the box and plugs it in. He follows the on-screen instructions and before long his new AXIUM DX8000 terminal is up and running and he’s ready to take payment. As the days pass and his customers make use of card payments on his new terminal, Mark realises he’s still missing out on some sales. There are lots of tourists who visit his shop who want to use more exotic payment methods, like Alipay or UnionPay, that he doesn’t offer.