Online Retail Customers Not Checking Out? Make Sure You’re Not Making These 3 Common Mistakes.

It takes a lot of effort to get online shoppers all the way to checkout—and your hard work doesn’t stop once they get there. In fact, more than half of consumers will simply abandon their purchase when the time comes to pay, and 27% of them will do so because the checkout process is too complicated, or checkout pages are not responsive enough.

1. You don’t offer a consistent experience.

Today, the typical online shopper takes a winding route to checkout: they might try on an item in store, browse through a retailer’s range on their mobile phone, and finally complete purchase via desktop. If all these channels don’t link up to offer a seamless shopping and payment experience, then your consumers could drop off early.

For online retailers, this makes it more important than ever to provide a unified brand experience across all channels. That includes making sure your checkout pages match your brand’s overall look-and-feel.

The MyCheckout editor from Ingenico pulls key design elements from your website to instantly create a basic mobile checkout with a similar look-and-feel. From there, you can customize the payment pages to create a checkout that’s completely consistent with your overall brand image. 

2. Your checkout isn’t mobile-optimized.

As prevalent as mobile devices are, many online shoppers don’t complete their transactions on mobile, often because they experience friction or hesitation in the process and decide to abandon their journey. If you aren’t optimizing your checkout for mobile, then you’re opening yourself up to higher drop off rates.

One way to reduce this risk is by keeping the unique characteristics of a mobile device – small screen, no physical keyboard, data input by figure – in mind when designing your mobile checkout pages.

Conversion rates for mobile phones are up to 70% lower than for traditional devices, according to research from Monetate.

3. You aren’t thinking like a local.

Online retail is now a truly global business, and your potential customers can come from any corner of the world. If your checkout pages aren’t optimized to meet local payment needs, then you could be driving international consumers towards your competitors.

To reach your full potential in new markets, it’s vital that you offer the payment options your local customers know and trust, like e-wallets, cash and local card schemes. Similarly, you should give consumers the option to pay in their own currency as this removes uncertainty for buyers, encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Up to 59% of consumers do not finalize their orders when they don’t find their preferred payment methods.

An optimized checkout experience goes a long way in getting consumers’ payment journeys off to a smooth start and guiding them all the way to successful conversion. If you believe there’s room for improvement when it comes to your checkout pages, but aren’t sure where to start, Ingenico is here to lend a helping hand. Our ePayments consultants combine decades of industry experience with a deep understanding of your business. We bring together the right mix of expertise, data and technology to shape customized conversion optimization solutions that help you boost payments performance and drive your business forward.

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