The technologies transforming fashion

Clothing and apparel are among the most popular items bought online, so tech-savvy fashion houses are embracing the latest innovations to improve customers’ cyber-shopping experiences.

Whatever the convenience of shopping for clothes online, sometimes shoppers are left disappointed when the items they purchase prove to be different from what they had expected. To provide more customer assurance, fashion brands are increasingly turning to VR and AR, with try-on avatars already hugely popular. Apps such as DressingRoom provide shoppers with an avatar of themselves that’s customized to their exact measurements, so they can really see how a new outfit will look.

Artificial Intelligence
Rather than manually collecting social media data, fashion brands are using AI to gather, organize and analyse such data in order to better understand what their customers want. In doing so, this can reduce the gap between manufacturing and sales. Screenshop, an AI-enabled app created by Kim Kardashian, enables users to take a photo or screenshot of a desired look, with the app then finding similar products for them to buy.

Internet of Things
IoT can make clothing smart. There are myriad applications, but among the most eye-catching are yoga pants with in-built sensors that vibrate when the wearer changes yoga position.

Mobile commerce
According to recent research, two thirds of millennials prefer to shop online rather than visit an actual store, so fashion brands must ensure their websites are mobile-optimized and enable easy, near-instant purchasing that requires as few clicks as possible.

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