The future eCommerce trends in India

Over recent years, Indians have been rapidly adopting eCommerce as excellent customer service, attractive returns policies and enticing discounts convince them of the benefits of shopping online.

As the industry expands and matures, same day delivery will become the norm, with faster deliveries further persuading consumers to buy via cyberspace.

Shopping portals will become less cluttered, with photos, visuals and videos used to showcase products. Simplicity is vital, so portals should cut down on text to enable simple navigation.

Voice-activated sales will also grow in popularity as using the likes of Alexa, Siri and Google Home become second nature.

Currently, India’s eCommerce sites predominantly sell consumer electronics, apparel and books, but there are huge opportunities for merchants who can deliver online sales around food, drink, furniture, medicine and healthcare.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence will enable online merchants to provide shoppers with a more personalized experience. That will also help retailers, with targeted marketing boosting sales.

That targeting, however, should not be constrained to one channel – merchants must create omnichannel digital strategies that include phones, tablets, desktop computers and other devices.