Money2020 Europe / The future of payment

Relive the best moments from Money2020 Europe.

During 3 days, we showcased our latest innovations, and the most advanced payment solutions and services. These included payment into IoT, our latest in-store and online solutions, our open Android POS platform, a social commerce payment solution, as well as a suite of advanced estate management services.

Thanks to all who visited our booth and looking forward to seeing you next year!

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Amazing discussion about how using algorithmic and human data analysis can optimize payment performance

Nicolas Huss, EVP Retail Business Unit at Ingenico and Raphaël Lajoux, VP Merchant Optimization at Agoda discussed how payments can unlock crucial revenue growth at the final step in a customer journey .

 Nicolas Huss (right) on stage

AXIUM, the next-gen POS platform converging business and payment

Designed for merchants, Axium is paving the way for digital connected stores by offering the full capabilities of a native open Android operating environment, combined with the security and stability of its proven Telium TETRA operating system.

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Social commerce / Discover Ingenico payment-enabled chatbot

Ingenico's payment-enabled messaging bot  allow consumers and online businesses to engage in social or ‘conversational’ commerce through popular messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, Kik, Telegram, WeChat and Slack.

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PIN on Glass for micro-merchants

Ingenico has developed an innovative payment solution for micro-merchants based on a technology generally called PIN on Glass (PoG) or PIN on Mobile (PoM). It enables consumers to insert their cards in a compact smartcard reader and manually enter their PIN on the personal mobile device of the merchant. 

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Pay by face

Facial Recognition System on POS blends in with the Lane/5000 Camera offering “stronger customer authentication” and enabling:

  •  Greater payment convenience: no need to remember the PIN code.
  •  Higher Security: a facial recognition system can be added to PIN entry to secure authentication and reduce fraud risks.

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