A one-stop shop: How SecuTix is streamlining ticket sales

Ingenico and SecuTix’s online ticketing platform makes purchasing event tickets seamless, simple and more secure.

In early 2017, Ingenico ePayments and Switzerland’s SecuTix launched a trailblazing new online ticketing platform for merchants and major venues that enhances customer satisfaction, boosts sales and streamlines their purchase processes.

The white label platform is incorporated into merchants’ websites, creating a one-stop shop that delivers a seamless user experience. Shoppers can buy a bespoke event package including everything from entry tickets to parking, VIP services and food and drinks… all in the same basket.

Available on mobile, laptop, tablet and native mobile apps, tokenization enables one-click payment where Ingenico is responsible for keeping the cardholder’s data secure, easing the compliance burden for merchants.

We caught up with Gilles Brabant, Ingenico ePayments Head of Sales for Southern Europe, and Luc Behar, SecuTix International Senior Sales Executive and Vice President of Marketing, to learn more about this ground-breaking platform which processes an impressive 45 million ticket sales a year.

Ingenico and SecuTix have worked together to create this platform since 2016. How does the partnership help online ticketing merchants?

Luc: One of the key problems our clients were facing was that their customers (i.e. the end users who buy event tickets online) weren’t comfortable being directed to a third-party website to complete payment. They didn’t feel like they were buying directly from the event organizer, such as Stade de France, for example. Our Ingenico partnership solves this problem.

Now our clients can provide their customers with a consistent user experience – they can now stay on the same secure website to finalize their purchases and are no longer sent away to another page for payment.

Gilles: Our secure, scalable payment platform has also been designed to ensure that everything will run smoothly especially during peak sale periods.

Luc: Take Stade de France events, for example. We can sell 80,000 concert tickets in 10-15 minutes. Those 15 minutes encompass the entire process from start to finish – from the moment the customer first joins the queue to when they complete payment.

Customers who are waiting in the virtual queue are regularly updated at every stage – how long they’re likely to wait to place their order, when they’ll enter the checkout and so on. Throughout this journey, we also keep them notified about how many tickets are left so that customers don’t wait online for an event that is already sold out.

We also organize the online ticketing for Switzerland’s Paleo Festival – we sell 250,000 tickets in just a few hours so the system has to be very robust.

What about card payment security during these busy times?

Luc: 3D secure authentication can sometimes slow down the whole process so we have the option to suspend this function during peak periods. Ingenico’s technology also allows merchants to remember a previous customer’s data so repeat visitors don’t have to enter all their details from scratch every time. This helps speed up and simplify ticket purchases. Needless to say, our one-click payment capabilities fully comply with data storage regulations.

How does this solution better combat fraud?

Gilles: Anti-fraud software is embedded within the ticketing platform. It tracks credit cards that have been used several times within a short period and can detect when spending on a particular card reaches a predetermined amount that could indicate it is being used fraudulently. The software also flags up purchases where the buyer is using a VPN or blacklisted IP address. It can even use a combination – the engine adds up the risk score and if it’s above a certain benchmark, we can quickly stop the transaction. 

Ingenico’s anti-fraud algorithm allows merchants to decide in real-time if they want to accept or deny a transaction. You can also modify the parameters to raise or lower the sensitivity of the anti-fraud software. 

Can the platform increase sales conversions?

Gilles: Definitely. Imagine a soccer club that sells season passes for €500-2,000. That’s a lot of money to pay upfront, especially if you’re buying several tickets for yourself and your family. The platform enables clubs to accept payment in 3 or 4 instalments – this in turn boosts sales because fans can buy season passes that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford.

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Is the set-up process user-friendly for merchants?

Luc: We’ve done a lot of work in terms of API integration so that setting up a new merchant or payment service provider (PSP) on the ticketing platform is fast and simple, with a lot of the core elements ready out of the box.

Of course, new customers will have to set up an acquiring contract with a PSP, but it will automatically use the same configuration as the SecuTix system.

That’s a huge benefit to customers because the admin side is largely ready to go from the outset. We have a global agreement with Ingenico, which accelerates the whole process.

Gilles: Our Ingenico customer care team have been trained on the platform so we have extensive knowledge of the project and can work efficiently together with SecuTix. We know how important it is for us to be agile and responsive whenever SecuTix needs our help.

What are the other advantages of the solution for SecuTix?

Luc: Having an integrated platform means Ingenico and SecuTix have deep knowledge and understanding of how each other operates. We can support our clients more easily and effectively – there’s nothing worse than when a client tells us there’s a problem with their payment system and we have to tell them, “it’s not us, please call someone else”. With this product, we can support and solve customers’ problems from start to finish without involving any external parties. That’s key to customer satisfaction.

Why is consolidated transactional reporting important?

Gilles: All orders and payments are referenced and linked together, which helps merchants with purchase reconciliation.  

Reimbursements have historically been a very tricky process, especially in the unfortunate case of cancelled events, but with our platform, merchants can automatically organize refunds for buyers with the click of a button.

How does the marketplace function work?

Luc: Imagine a large cinema chain that operates in multiple venues across the UK, for example. They can manage ticketing for all their venues from a single, central platform which has all the capabilities we’ve just described.

SecuTix has dedicated Spanish, French, English, German and Italian-speaking teams. What are your main target markets for this product?

Luc: Our core markets are the German-speaking countries, as well as France, UK and now Italy and Spain. We will also roll it out in new locations such as the United States thanks to Ingenico’s presence in North America. It’s available globally.

Gilles: We have the scalable infrastructure to really grow this platform and expand abroad. We’ve invested heavily in innovation to build a long-term partnership together.

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