Integrated POS: Enhancing POS and Payments for merchants

Ingenico Group has teamed up with software specialists Epos Now and technology distributor Exertis to create a new point-of-sale (POS) proposition.

This is an all-in-one POS and payment solution to empower small and medium-sized retail and hospitality merchants so that they can increase the efficiency of key service points such as stock management, integrated payments and business reporting.

Launched in the UK and Ireland this year, “The Integrated POS”, has been specifically designed to exceed the growing demands of SMEs, who are no longer satisfied with simply being able to take card payments. Increasingly, they expect the latest tablet technology to allow more space on the counter, while having access to omnichannel functionality and a SaaS-based business solution.

The partnership with Epos Now and Exertis has accelerated in recent months thanks to the rapid evolution of technology and emerging business demands from the market.

Mark Roberts, Ingenico Northern Europe’s Head of Business Development for Retail, “Static point of sale applications, running on proprietary systems is becoming a thing of the past. People increasingly expect their POS to be tablet-based and their payments to be seamlessly integrated. We have seen a big shift in merchant awareness with regards to the demand for an integrated payment solution; now it’s about pulling together the required components to create an all in one bundle.”

“The biggest challenge for the SME sector – retailers and hospitality – is to keep up-to-date and relevant against their larger competitors who have much bigger budgets. With this solution, we provide these merchants with access to technology platforms that are advanced, affordable and provide the best possible consumer experience,” says Edward Johnson, Epos Now’s Global Business Development Director.

“The platform is under the guise of POS but it’s actually a complete business management tool and customer success platform connecting to different applications which reduce costs and minimise effort so merchants can just focus on sales.”

The product combines Ingenico’s know-how and scale as one of the world’s leading payments company, EPOS Now’s trailblazing retail and hospitality software, and Exertis’ Window-based tablets and superb distribution capability. Available for direct purchase by SMEs or for Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) to sell to their merchant clients, The Integrated POS is infinitely scalable, can run from multiple locations seamlessly and is easily retrofitted to existing Ingenico payment terminals, providing an even better return on investment.

With The Integrated POS, merchants can now perform essential management tasks more efficiently such as online and offline stock management integration, staff rosters and payrolls, and digital receipt management.

The solution makes it easy to run integrated loyalty programs, incorporate value-added services, and reconcile and report key merchant data.

Common bug-bears such as double-keying are eliminated, checkout lines flow faster and for customers, the purchase experience is elevated to that of large shops and restaurants. The potential for manual staff errors is vastly diminished, while cashing up is reduced to a matter of minutes allowing more time to view the business reports on the go with the Epos Now application on your smart device.

Real-time business intelligence

“For SMEs, the critical factors within a business are cash-flow and margin control. We're able to present data at the relevant moment, enabling you to minimise, for example, the amount of cash and capital tied up in stock, because our system can tell you what's selling well and what’s not,” says Johnson.

“It's having all of that business intelligence to run the company more profitably in real-time. The product provides all the things larger retailers can access in a scalable package that’s affordable for smaller merchants.”

The product is aimed at any of the verticals within the retail or hospitality sectors, so it is not only ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants, but also bakeries, hotels and charities, to name just a few. Epos Now’s software caters to over 70 retail and hospitality verticals and is already used by more than 40,000 merchants. Users of The Integrated POS can choose from over 100 certified business applications that provide greater functionality – for example to create omnichannel and e-commerce platforms – and go well beyond being simply a POS solution.

“Payments is all about responsible innovation and a frictionless shopper experience. We need to innovate but due to the regulation surrounding payments, we are more constrained than a point of sale company”, says Roberts.

“As the market leader, we work with best in class point of sale applications and services to better place our product in the market and give our merchants reassurance that they're buying from a trusted source. Ingenico is the trusted source for their payment solutions.”

Mark Roberts, Ingenico (left) and Edward Johnson (Epos Now)

A true one-stop shop

“No matter what sort of issue, be it a hardware or software query, we'll pick that up and get it resolved, so merchants aren’t passed around multiple different partners,” says Johnson.

“There are very few other solutions that are a true one-stop shop. There are a lot of POS and payments being sold independently where it's up to the merchant to connect the dots and they lack a central, dedicated line of support.”

For Exertis, the opportunity to incorporate the company’s Windows-based tablets with the services of Ingenico and Epos Now was too good to miss.

“We know wherever we send this product, it will fit their business. It's not a product that's going to come back two days later because it doesn't work for that vertical,” says Frank Landen, Exertis General Manager for mPOS.

“That’s perfect for us because we’re going to be selling this product across various channels, and we don't always know exactly what that merchant is doing.”

Simplified set up and costs

The innovative Integrated POS solution comes with one simple monthly payment. There are no hidden costs, maintenance or upgrade fees for merchants to worry about making this a comprehensive commercial and technical package.

“We know merchants cannot afford to have any disruption to their business operations which is why the Integrated POS comes with a 30-day implementation and boarding process during which EPOS Now will ensure the POS system is set up precisely how the merchant wants it before proceeding to the installation phase,” says Roberts.

The three partners will focus on achieving a seamless roll-out and deployment of The Integrated POS and are looking to introduce the product across a number of territories in which they currently operate.  

With this solution, merchants can take advantage of market-leading technology that will help simplify the POS and bring business and payments closer together for improved efficiencies.

Furthermore, merchants will be able to seize new revenue streams with the development of further business opportunities, thanks to the innovation of this cutting-edge solution helping to digitally transform in-store and online commerce.

The Integrated POS solution is available from Exertis in the UK with immediate effect.  Contact Frank Landen on [email protected] for further details and a demonstration.