Visa rolls out new authentication solutions

Visa has unveiled Visa ID Intelligence, a platform that enables issuers and merchants to swiftly adopt new authentication technologies to create more secure ways for consumers to complete digital transactions.

Visa ID Intelligence offers a selection of third-party technologies that can be easily integrated using Visa’s APIs and Software Development Kits, via the Visa Developer Platform. As such, clients can create, test and roll-out new authentication techniques.
The financial services company is providing these new options in response to rapid take-up of connected devices, which are expected to number 20 billion by 2020. Many of these devices – such as watches, personal assistants and connected cars – are not designed to accept conventional passwords, so alternative authentication methods including face, fingerprint and voice recognition are required.

“We built Visa ID Intelligence to help accelerate smarter and easy-to-use authentication solutions for any commerce environment – to better protect against fraud and to move closer to a world without passwords,” said Mark Nelsen, Visa senior vice president of risk and authentication products.
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