Amazon Key lets couriers unlock your front door

Twelve years after the launch of Amazon Prime, the e-commerce giant is introducing Amazon Key, which will allow the company’s couriers to enter a customer’s home and leave a package safely inside.

That prospect may seem alarming at first, but Amazon are convinced the service’s entry procedure will assuage privacy and safety fears. To use Amazon Key, customers must first install Cloud Cam, an Amazon-made indoor home security camera system, and a smart lock, which both connect to WiFi. A courier arriving to deliver a package will scan the package’s barcode, triggering a request to Amazon’s cloud. This then grants permission – providing security protocols have been approved – by sending a message to the camera that begins recording.

Next, the courier receives a prompt on the app, swiping the screen to unlock the door and enter the property, where they drop off the package. Once they leave, the door relocks courtesy of another swipe on the app. The customer receives a video of the delivery to show Amazon’s procedures were followed correctly along with a notification that the drop-off is complete.