India leads the way in biometric use

Consumers in the East are more likely to adopt biometrics than those in the West, according to HSBC’s Trust in Technology report.

India is by far the leader in adopting biometrics, with Indian consumers three times more likely than any other country to have used ‘iris recognition’ for authentication. 41% of Indian and Chinese respondents also said they were ‘likely or very likely’ to trust a hologram assistant for investments.

The report showed India and China are the two countries the most open to new technologies, while France and Germany are the most cautious. For example, in China, 40% of people have adopted fingerprint recognition, followed by India (31%) and the UAE (25%). Conversely, in Western countries, only 9% of French and German consumers have used the same technology. 

Germany also has the lowest adoption of smartphone or tablet banking with only 4% saying that phone banking is their preferred as compared to 9% in Hong Kong and 15% in the UAE.

The research polled 12,019 people from 11 countries and territories — Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA.