Ticking clock innovation: Ingenico’s technical teams competed in first cross-platform hackathon

Ingenico has been organizing Hackathons for a couple of years now. The first one, an external Hackathon, organized by Ingenico Labs and the second one, an internal event organized by Ingenico ePayments both laid the foundations to enhance innovation through a different creative thinking process.  

As a result, Ingenico hosted its first-ever cross-platform hackathon in the Netherlands. The event gathered 35 Ingenico employees from 10 different countries. The idea was to let the teams come with a project of their own, without any theme restrictions. They had 12 hours to complete it.

Jean-Marc Fernandez, VP Payment Platforms

‘I decided to organize this hackathon because I believe technology is a perfect mix between pressure, engagement, motivation and fun. A hackathon, by definition, creates these conditions.’

 ‘Ingenico’s projects are cross-group, global and cross-cultural by nature. That’s the case with our omnichannel solution, or the reinforcement of our technological platforms. By organizing the hackathon, we stimulate our capacity to work with people who have a different cultural and technical background. These cross-group projects make us more agile and allow us to live amazing experiences with one another.’

The winning project: Stork

At the end of the day, Florence and The Machine won the prize with its Stork project.
What is Stork in 3 words? A delivery aggregator. This project team worked on adding a new entry point to the Ingenico Connect platform, adding delivery services. It targeted merchants who send goods or packages through carriers, right after the transaction. The Stork solution could make the merchant experience easier and allow connections to different carriers.

Adrien Clerbois, member of Florence and The Machine

‘The Hackathon was an opportunity for us to test innovative technologies. We mainly focused on Microsoft and open source oriented technologies.

For the database, we wanted to go fast and use flat design with MongoDB. Because I am a Microsoft MVP Visual Studio and Development Technologies user, I recommended using Microsoft Technologies like ASP.NET Core 1.1 or .NET Standard.

For the platform and the web hosting, we used Microsoft’s latest .NET Core technologies. The whole package was integrated into Docker containers. We also collaborated with VisualStudio.com and used GIT as a Source Control. Finally, we chose the latest web standards: SASS, CSS3, TypeScript and HTML5.’

Gathering in a single location talents from our technical community coming from different countries is the most effective way to push the boundaries of innovation. As a global leader in one of the most exciting industries in the world, we continuously challenge our expertise to keep innovating. This hackathon was a great experience for all!

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Watch Ingenico ePayments' 2016 first-ever internal hackathon