In-car payments are evolving

With the Geneva Car Show on 9-19 March, in-car payments are coming to the fore.

The payment technology has been rising in popularity over the last few years and the market is changing to accommodate, as car makers and payment providers show more and more interest.

Such in-car systems could allow drivers to pay for parking without leaving the vehicle or pay for petrol directly at the pump.

Giants like Amazon and Google are looking very closely at getting payment systems in front of drivers. For instance, car manufacturer Ford has struck a deal that will see Amazon’s Alexa artificial intelligence assistant integrated into their cars. Automakers could also charge a small percentage of the payment processed in return for having the payment system in the vehicle.

While it is not yet known what form in-car payments will take, it is likely to change our driving experience in a very big way.

Bringing payment into connected devices and cars