AI to go mainstream in 2017

Machine learning will hit the mainstream this year as artificial intelligence (AI) systems begin to be integrated into a host of devices, such as drones, phones and cars, according to a new report.

The Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions 2017 report predicts that more than 300 million smartphones will feature some form of machine learning capability by the end of the year, as augmented and virtual reality technology becomes a more regular feature of everyday life.

Artificial intelligence will also start appearing in drones, tablets, cars, medical tools and Internet of Things (IoT) connected objects, the report said, adding that many devices will be able to carry out machine learning chores without needing to be connected to the cloud.

Deloitte said that 5G mobile networks will roll out this year and would result in much higher speeds, lower latency, and support for low-power low-bitrate IoT devices and sensors.

It forecasted that the number of fingerprint reader-equipped devices will likely hit one billion in early 2017.