EMV certification gets faster with MasterCard

MasterCard has lifted the lid on a new program designed to expedite the certification process for merchants looking to adopt EMV.

Since the liability shift for in-store fraud, chargebacks have increased greatly, encouraging merchants to deploy new systems in their stores. The process of certifying EMV-compliant POS terminals has been overwhelmed as a result.

MasterCard has responded to the backlog with a new process that gives more responsibility for testing to acquirers.  This allows acquirers to determine the extent of testing required.  In addition, MasterCard has reduced their minimum testing requirements substantially. This move should reduce the number of tests by nearly 60 per cent.

There will also be more resources available to acquirers and value-added resellers that are responsible for carrying out card brands' testing processes. This should allow for faster terminal deployments and better troubleshooting of problems in the field.