Order a pizza online with zero clicks? It's now reality

In the quest to make buying goods and services quicker and easier, a pizza retailer has devised a process that requires zero clicks for the customer when ordering a takeaway.

To improve the customer’s journey when making a transaction, Domino’s Pizza has a new mobile app that allows the customer to order and pay for a pizza just by opening the app and not making any other clicks.

The downloaded app is linked to a customer’s profile and once the app is opened, if the customer does nothing during a 10-second countdown, the preferred meal is automatically ordered, paid for and delivered without making another click.

Should a customer want to order something else, they can stop the timer and make a different order with a few clicks instead.

Dennis Maloney, chief digital officer at Domino's, said zero-click ordering was a “dream come true”.

What do you think - would you prefer to order your next pizza without a click?