Visa helps streamline EMV checkout times

New specification from Visa aims to improve cardholder’s experience.


Called Quick Chip for EMV, the new configuration is available free-of-charge to payment processors, acquiring banks, and other payment networks to offer to merchants.

The upgrade streamlines the processing of chip card transactions to enable customers to dip and remove their EMV chip card from the terminal, typically in a few seconds, without waiting for the transaction to be finalised. For the customer, this makes the process more like the old magnetic stripe card “swipe” and allows the customer to put their card back in their wallet while waiting for the transaction to complete. The enhancement requires only a relatively simple software update to the merchant’s card terminal or point-of-sale system.

Ingenico’s Vice President of Payment Solutions Allen Friedman said:

Being able to make this update using existing EMV chip infrastructure and not requiring re-certification means retailers can integrate this enhancement into their solutions with minimal impact to the POS terminal application.