Being local is key to growing Cross-Border

by Ray Bak, Director of Sales for UK, Netherlands and Belgium, Ingenico Retail SMB.

  • Customer Experience

A Learning Week for our 8,000 Employees

A free access to LinkediN Learning to support their continuous development.

  • Tech trends

The true cost of fraud for online retailers

As consumer behaviors and patterns change, so do the challenges of managing fraud and securing transactions.

  • Security & Fraud

How to process international travel & hospitality payments effectively

Whether a merchant is an airline, travel agent or hotel, international payments make up a growing proportion of revenues for most operators. 

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Customer centricity is shaping payments in the travel industry

By Eric Liebman, Global Head of Travel, Ingenico ePayments

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The biggest fraud risks and costs for digital business

Explore the most common risks for digital businesses and the heavy financial toll of fraud.

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