83% of consumers want connected payments

Consumers are demanding new IoT ways to pay for goods and services, according to a study by Visa.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Better Customer Service

by Johan Been, Vice President Client Operations, Ingenico ePayments

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Digital transformation a high priority for retailers in 2017

Retailers are using digital to better understand and connect with customers, according to the latest study by JDA.

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Artificial intelligence could play a bigger part in payments

While artificial intelligence has been a staple in automated trading for some time, the technology appears set to enter the world of payments.

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Retail to be transformed by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to revolutionize retail customer experience, according to a new study, which found 70% of merchants keen to adopt IoT systems to boost shopper satisfaction.

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In-car payments are evolving

With the Geneva Car Show on 9-19 March, in-car payments are coming to the fore.

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