Remoter than you think

In the dim and distant past, to change the channel on the TV, people used to have to get up off their seat, walk to the television, and press the button on the box. Then came the revolution, the remote control!

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When terminal estates become too complex to manage

The act of payment is a part of our daily lives that many take for granted. And yet, it is multifaceted, intricate, covers multiple touchpoints and its functionality is increasing. The humble payment terminal, in itself a complex device, is a key component in this fascinating jigsaw. However, payment terminals don’t exist in isolation, instead they form part of a terminal estate, perhaps owned by a bank, a merchant service provider or large retailer.

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When remote management can be so much more

Usually, when you launch a new solution, there is a specific need or problem in mind that is being addressed. However, these initial developments can bear limited reality or cognizance to what the future may hold. Like the statue of David, back when it was merely a sizeable lump of marble, each bit gradually removed revealing its true purpose and the form it would serve.

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