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Contactless 2021: The rise of e-grocery services in Poland

In 2020, the e-grocery market became a rising phenomenon as consumers, forced to remain at home, switched to online grocery shopping rather than risking a visit to their local supermarket. As a result, average order values increased by 30% in 2020, while the cost of using these services practically fell to zero (1). However, a stabilizing market in 2021 is seeing a slowdown in growth as bricks-and-mortar shops return to the game.

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Protecting our communities against COVID-19: how technology plays a part in making testing programs safer, faster and more efficient.

In this TSS APAC interview, Sébastien Lefranc, marketing director of APAC TSS GBL (Terminals, Solutions and Services Global Business Line) under the Ingenico brand, the global leader in seamless payments, talks with Wayne Fagan, Co-Founder and Operations Executive at Resonance Australia, about the role that technology can play in rolling out more efficient and reliable Covid testing programs in the field.

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Trust me, I remain a payment terminal!

Down and out in London… and Brussels For almost 2 years now, wherever I go, I have been using an NFC-enabled payments ring for all my low value card purchases. Swooshing my way through the London Underground without needing an oyster or debit card is as satisfying today as it was on my very first go. Now that I reflect on my experience, it has occurred to me that only once in maybe 1,500 transactions, did anyone ever challenge me as to whether it was a legitimate method of payment.

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Pay on Mobile, a game changer for merchants?

We all know that when it comes to business, standing still is never a good option. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that reinventing the shopping experience remains the golden ticket for small merchants as well as big retailers.

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Why Android is the future of POS

Android has become a hot topic in the area of acceptance in the payments industry. Indeed, the question is no longer ‘if', but ‘when’ the market will be shifting in significant volumes to the new platform. But what are the benefits of Android, and how can banks, acquirers, and merchants, gain real value from it?

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Africa's secret of turning a POS terminal into a new source of revenue

Often when we talk about Financial Inclusion, we are drawn to the plight of developing countries. Africa, for example, is associated with high levels of cash use, the black economy, challenges with illiteracy and people on low incomes struggling to survive in rural areas.

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