Android, payments and VAS services: Moneynet chooses Ingenico Android and TaaS solution!

Ingenico, a Worldline brand and global leader in payments, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Moneynet, the Italian Payment Institute. With over 6.6 million Android payment terminals sold worldwide, Ingenico is delighted that Moneynet has chosen its Android smart terminals to accept digital payments and provide value-added services to its customers.

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Mitigating financial crime in a COVID-19 world

The pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in the world of payments and the way customers consume goods.

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Breaking down Brexit’s biggest challenges for online cross-border merchants

Sales in and out of the UK include new restrictions and additional intra-regional fees as a result of Brexit. Read on for insights into what this means for merchants in the UK and the EU, and five approaches merchants can take to deal with the new measures.

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Why digital must be priority number one for retailers this year

With eCommerce becoming the main element of physical retailers’ strategies, and the COVID-19 pandemic shifting customers' shopping habits from on-site to online, the landscape for Connected Retail is more prospective than ever.

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How retailers are adapting to more connected grocery consumers

In an increasingly faster and changing society, key drivers to customer satisfaction are convenience, speed and efficiency.

In grocery retail, the old model of online versus offline is no longer a relevant distinction. This is because today’s connected consumers shop for their groceries in an entirely different way, as they feel they should no longer be impeded by the limitations of any touchpoint. After all, while shopping for products and services, consumers do not think about channels, they simply expect a smooth buying experience.

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Why Brazilian ecommerce grew 18% last year and is not slowing down

In Brazil, ecommerce transactions surged in 2020 and while the pandemic accelerated this ongoing trend, underlying market developments and consumer behavior support the country is primed for extended growth. We spoke with our Executive Managing Director Latin America, Daniel Passarelli, for his insight into the factors that will continue Brazil’s growth pattern. 

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