Pay-by-selfie launched in Europe by MasterCard

Consumers in Europe will be able to pay for goods by taking a picture of themselves

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Alibaba eyeballs biometric recognition for mobile payments

Chinese retailer Alibaba wants to look you straight in the eye.

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Global e-payments to top $2 trillion by 2020

World digital payments could reach $2 trillion by the end of 2020, according to figures released ahead of the Gitex Technology Week event in Dubai.

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Smartphone-only Brazilian bank unveils facial recognition

Neon Bank has added facial recognition in a bid to bolster security.

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Companies look to a future without passwords

Nearly three-quarters of infosec professionals think companies will stop using passwords to authenticate accounts by 2025.

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EMV chip cards in circulation rise to 4.8 billion

According to latest figures released by EMVCo, around 4.8 billion cards were in circulation in 2015, up by 1.4 billion on the previous year.


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