Social media paves way for mobile commerce

There has been a shift over the last ten to fifteen years in the world of online commerce. Online buying has morphed into buying through our mobiles and looks set to shift again as social media becomes the centre of the buying experience.

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Hospitality: 5 reasons to bring payment to the consumer

For hospitality businesses, offering payment at the table is not only more convenient for customers, but healthier for your margins. Here are 5 reasons why.

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Contactless payments could replace cash in the UK within the next decade

Coins in a purse or wallet may become a thing of the past, according to a new Ingenico Group survey.

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Smaller merchants lagging in EMV readiness

Most consumers have at least one chip card but not all merchants are ready for EMV and the devices that are least likely to be upgraded are mPOS.

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Visa Europe Promotes Contactless Payments with UK being leading market

Visa Europe launches “Cashfree and Proud” campaign to encourage consumers to switch to contactless payments as it aims to make the UK's POS contactless by 2020.

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Mobile transactions increase as percentage of total e-commerce in Brazil

A growing percentage of online transactions in Brazil in the second half of 2015 came from mobile websites, meaning that companies wanting to grow business there should develop mobile online transactions.

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