How integrating payment into connected objects will transform commerce

The ‘Internet of Things’ is here, and will change the way we buy – and sell – forever. Sensors embedded in physical objects linked to the cloud will revolutionize the way merchants sell and consumers buy!

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Android Pay preferred app for payment

While Apple Pay has the most buzz, it appears that rival Android Pay is in fact the most widely used payment app, according to new research.

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Chief digital officers taking over the reins at retailers

Chief digital officers are in the driving seat when it comes to retailing and omnichannel.

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Omnichannel the key to retail’s future

Consumers want retailers to sell them goods not matter where, when or what device they use, according to a new report. And retailers will have to meet that demand.

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Online fraud detection could top $9.2bn by 2020

Financial institutions and e-commerce companies will spend $9.2bn on online fraud detection, according to a study carried out by Juniper Research.

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10 best practices to boost your revenues from mobile traffic

10 ways to improve the checkout experience and boost conversion on your own payment pages.

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