Singles Day: Believe the Hype

by Raymond Cui, Country Manager, Ingenico ePayments Greater China

  • Customer Experience

Why great UX is the key to conversion success at checkout

Discover the key areas that online businesses can focus on to make checkout easy and frictionless for customers.

  • Customer Experience

Micro-donation: Rewriting the fundraising rulebook

Micro-donations via card transactions provide a hassle-free way of making a positive social impact in step with consumers’ modern payment habits.

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Delivering a return on convenience: how retailers can build a new network to win customers and keep them

by Nick Adams, Head of Business Development / Enterprise Retail at Ingenico Group

  • Customer Experience

Instant Payments: Death knell for credit transfers?

by Regis Massicard, Europe (SEPA) Payment Strategic Director, Ingenico Group

  • Tech trends

How to digitise consumer loyalty and maximise conversions

The rulebook around marketing and customer loyalty is being rewritten,

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