Delivering a return on convenience: how retailers can build a new network to win customers and keep them

by Nick Adams, Head of Business Development / Enterprise Retail at Ingenico Group

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Instant Payments: Death knell for credit transfers?

by Regis Massicard, Europe (SEPA) Payment Strategic Director, Ingenico Group

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How to digitise consumer loyalty and maximise conversions

by Virginie Boulé, Retail Segment Manager for Ingenico Group, Enterprise Retail

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How tech-augmented sales associates are reinvigorating retail

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How SCA Will Affect the Travel Industry

by Marc Van Puyvelde (Mastercard) and Eric Liebman (Ingenico ePayments) 

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Want to Optimize your Conversion Rate? Look at These Three Areas

by Nick Tubb, Vice President, Commercial Affairs for Ingenico ePayments.

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